Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Whipping it out!

This is Jessi Lively, I drew her in a matter of days... this is quite an accomplishments for my methods. 20"x 16" Colored pencil, paper collage, conté and ink on board. Let us hope things continue this lickity split!

I've been debating in which ways to display this new body of work online, if at all, until its unveiling later this year at my shows. However, I must admit to a deep hunger for feedback. It is so difficult to create a piece of art and set it aside for later, it requires something of which I do not excel, the suppression of my own excitement. 

The other side of the coin is that I am letting the cat out of the bag. I am showing work that must rest here with me until at least August. For now until I have stronger feelings about how stingy to be, I'll only post work here, not on my other pages... You dear blog reader may enjoy, a lengthy preview. Thank you for joining me here.


hodari said...

I for one will partake and enjoy what you are willing to share until later in the year. Sounds like a sound strategy..whet the appetite for the upcoming shows, and get an early response to what you're doin' now. I love this girl,..you got her phone number?.
Delicious, JP..straight up delicious...Skip

lindalay said...

love this Jessie Portrait! good to see her captured through your eyes