Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good Girl/Bad Girl

"Good Girl/Bad Girl" 48" x 36" colored pencil, gouache, ink and paper collage on board.

Gifts from fairies are strange.
Rewards falling from mouths?

A good, humble daughter, hardworking without complaint and disinterested in material gain is rewarded for her kindness: with rubies, diamonds and pearls that fall from her mouth each time she speaks!
Her wicked stepsister is only interested in personal gain and gratification. She is henceforth punished for her grandiosity with toads and snakes falling from her lips.

Here the two girls are linked into one, two sides of the same coin. One side exploits the other. The Good Girl, whose immaterial nature is irreverently rewarded with material blessings, her words forever lost in the tumbling forth of jewels. Does this symbolize the value of kind words, or is it just the objectification of a girl whose is now reduced to life as a candy dispenser? The Bad Girl who unapologetically sought this verbal bounty, silently stares at us, confronting our attraction to those who seek their fortune ruthlessly, regardless of the reptilian consequences.

Dryad finished, and the new work.

"Dryad" 36" x 18" colored pencil, acrylic, and paint pen on board
She's hanging at JRB Gallery until the end of the month.

This work in progress, is based on goldielocks and the three bears, the chair is cut out of paper and I haven't decided if this is where it will end up. We'll see! the photo is also in reverse, because I took it with the photo booth application.