Saturday, August 22, 2009

12 x 12

Here is this years 12 x 12, possibly my favorite arts-org. fund raiser, it is a great event for a great organization. You can see last years piece above, as the title art for this blog, and the year before that is prominently featured on my business card, the work I've produced for 12x12 has been some of my very best in my personal opinion, I seem to grow with these pieces. I spent a ridiculous amount of time on last years piece, absolutely worth it for the personal advancement and education, it was a huge leap forward for me. This years work turned out so much better than it appeared it would half way through the process, *wipes brow* sepias and grey tones always give me trouble, but I'm quite please with the results. Please come this year if you'll be in the OKC area on Sept. 26th. Get all the info :Here:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beguiled Opening

Beguiled opened last weekend, and it was a wonderful evening! All my favorite people came out of the woodwork, and many new faces shared great ideas and feelings with me regarding the new artwork. It rocked. The cherrie on top goes to Josh Rizer for letting me share his lovely after party. He had an opening that night as well, please check out his tight writing and great paintings Here. Below are some photos from the festivities. Now, I'm gunna enjoy a little down time, and relax after teaching another week of summer camp before hitting the drawing board again. Yes soon there shall be news, but for now there is only a late Sunday brunch in my future. ahhhh.

Photo credits for this post, and all shots from the preview party go to RC Morrison (me daddy).