Sunday, February 1, 2009


"Nurturing the Fertile Spirit" the central piece, 24"x48" in a series of new works created by myself and tribalbot, the figure is mine, the setting is Mr. bot's:

Greeting in the New Year... yes... I realize it is now somehow February... I have no idea how that happened. But let me tell you this year is off to a roaring start and I am feeling like a flapper at the worlds fair. Speaking of Worlds Fair, which is the name of the Flaming Lips record label, Friday night, Jan. 30th 2008, I sold one of the below collaborations to Wayne and Michelle Coyne. This fills me with a certain glowing pride, knowing that something I had a hand in creating is uplifting and will be hanging out in the home of two such Dreamy Dreamers as TFL's lead singer and his wife.  I feel cool. 

It couldn't have happened without the help of my lovely coconspirator and collaborator tribalbot. The piece is centered around his tweaky twiggy black and pink flower, and the Coyne's have expressed interest in Mr. bot's work in the past, all that plus my flashy gold background sealed the deal. Yay for us.

The show opening where all this went down, was the annual fund raiser for City Arts, and it was fantastic. Great energy in the room and great feed back on the paintings. I feel that the hard work I put into this body of work, has paid off. Cheers 2009, I'm totally into you!

"Fitful Flora" 10"x 6.5" the sold piece in question:

"Ode to Bee" 5"x 5" which sold to the talented artist Ryan Cunningham, I drew the bee tribalbot painted the glowing yellows and purples:

"Converging Trails" 10"x 10" My bit in this piece would be the snails:

"The Natural Order of Things" 10"x10" I did the background in this piece, tribalbot painted the centipede:

"Kiss Me!" 8"x 10" I drew the pretty pocky toad:

"Pink Moon" 12"x10" I drew the trees and the soft pink and grey background, tribalbot applied the glowing fowl:


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