Friday, December 19, 2008

The Moth Man

I've found the stories of the Mothman fascinating and only mildly disturbing since I first heard them years ago. If you don't know what I'm talking about you can read more :here: You will probably disagree with me about how disturbing the accounts are, but I look at them as modern day fables. Thinking of them in that way it is easy to apply my own set of ideals, by dedicating a certain amount of hooliganism and hidden morality as derived from fairytales to the mix. (ugh... that was a mouthful I shouldn't blog so late at night.) 
I have read my share of fairy tales. Ones meant for children, adult's, those redesigned by literary geniuses like Angela Carter and those paper backs that fill the fantasy section of your local bookstore. I have read about other horrific and yet strangely majestic moth-folk in these books, the Mezmurden with deadly sweet kisses and hexagonal eyes, and those that will sing you to sleep. I'm into it. 
I'm also into moths just as they come. I've caught a few giant caterpillars in my day, and waited with them through they're secret metamorphosis. Such as the cocoon we kept on out kitchen window sill when I was about 12. We were certain it contained one dead polyphemus moth/caterpillar, but no... when we least expected it... there came a scratching within! Those are the sorts of gifts you can't unwrap yourself. 

Now I am working within my head (mostly) on a piece of artwork dealing with the Mothman. It's been a while in the making, something that has skipped across my consciousness but never come to lie until now. I've done a few sketches, but I'm rethinking the female element and her position which started as standing... There almost always has to be a female element. I can't really tell you why at this point... I just accept it. So, for now more sketches, figure out the pose and then pick a model. Note: this ain't no weird hairy red eyes glow'n kinda Mothman, this is my mothman... and I rarely do anything... ghoulish. I'm more inclined towards the exquisite kind of corps.

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