Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Landscape vs. portrait

I'm trying to decide which way to turn the piece I am currently working on, it just occurred to me tonight to turn it vertically, and it works well, not to mention suddenly it's so much easier to understand the structure of the nose... I don't look at many of them lying down.

I'm rather enjoying all the white background too, this is the danger of posting in process, something I think I've said before, I as well as perhaps you may become attached to the un-finalized piece, the looseness of in process is often charming... I might leave her hair whitish in fact, we'll see... I guess since I'm not putting the pencil down y'all will just have to trust me on this one.

This photo shows it turned vertically, i.e. portrait... I've been working on it for weeks with her lying down, i.e. landscape, it's terribly confusing but you will come across artists using these two terms to describe a composition, portrait = vertical canvas, landscape = horizontal canvas... try to be patient with us... we're creative.


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