Friday, October 2, 2009

a piece I should wait to work on... but I'm not.

This is a quick in progress shot of a piece I've been dabbling with for the last month or so. The shot is in reverse because I took it with the photobooth program here on my little maccy. I'm planning on adding much collage to this piece, it also includes much more invented rendering than most of my work, i.e. no photo reference for certain parts. I'm enjoying it immensely, but currently should be working on two other pieces that I have an Oct. 15th deadline for... this piece symbolizes two things I should be doing, one: not this piece, two: sleeping. for real. The foreground hand is only in its first three layers of work, very unfinished, you can see the difference in tonality and color between the two hands, and working up the wrist. The photos were taken at sunset and the colors are very rich and varied I am especially in love with the blues. I liked this particular shot because of the way the negative space in the background hand created a symbolic eye. Also it has been interesting drawing a face with gravity pushing the features sideways, since it's my own face I'm especially aware of the differences. I've been trying to avoid using myself as a model as much, but I'm right here when I need someone, and I know exactly what the artist wants. Sometimes I'm hard to pass up, what can I say.

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Hilary Brock said...

This piece is amazing I can't wait to see it complete however the mystery of incomplete is very stimulating. I was so happy to see your show when you were here. I have your post card (the one with the tiger) on my desk. My students are so amazed by it they always ask about it. Then I send them to your website and they love your work. They do not understand how it is drawn they assume it is photoshoped. The kids these days don't understand the craftership involved in art. Im glad your art inspires my and my students.