Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pre-View Party Tomorrow Night, July 29th.

If you live in Oklahoma, this is your one chance to see my new show, "Beguiled" before it heads up to Kansas City. the details are as follows, Tomorrow, Wednesday the 29th, from 5 - 8 PM @ The Pearl Gallery, 1201 East 3rd Street, Tulsa, OK. 74120. Please come out, I'll be there, all crazy and happy and bouncing about off the walls and bystanders. finished the last touches on the last piece last night, around 2:30AM. I was happy I got to read the novel I've been devouring the rest of the night (morning) without feeling guilty. I love loosing that "I should be working" feeling. So unfamiliar to be without of late. Here is a video I took last night no long before I completed the piece. Don't jump when my hand hits the camera!

Honestly it still hasn't sunk in at all that I am finished. I think my relief is tempered with the knowledge that I still have a statement to refine, and titles and note cards to write up before the Real Opening August 7th. Not to mention the several other pieces looming in the background for the next shows that must be worked on and completed soon. Upcoming? OVAC's 12x12, and an early piece for promotion of my next show. slated for March @ JRB Gallery.

I have two pieces that I still have not published online for "Beguiled" - unless you count the sneak peak video above - I'm going to wait until the opening, give those who attend something they haven't even seen a picture of before. Stay tune tho, this will be the first place I publish them. Okay... now back to my novel... ahhhh.

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